Hey! I’m Royce. I’m a dad, a husband, and a photographer, in that order.

My son doesn’t know it yet, but one day he’s going to love the mountains.

I’m going to teach him how to ski, how to find the most epic views on a mountain top, and how to find the joy and adventure in every season. He’s going to grow up in a world full of creativity.

With a wedding planner as a mom and a photographer as a dad, he’s going to learn that he can be and do whatever he wants in life as long as it fuels him.

He’s going to see the most beautiful sunrises on epic road trips, he’s going to value experiences over money, and he’s going to see love in the most epic proportions. He’s going to know all this and more, because this is who I am. And this is the world I want him to grow up in.

If you see your world this way too, I want to meet you.

– Royce